Dr. Faik Metin Tiryaki
Dr. Faik Metin Tiryaki
Awards and Recognitions
Faik Metin Tiryaki is a partner at Dündar Sır Law Firm. In his career, he has worked in key positions in government such as Vice President of the Competition Authority and Chief Legal Counsel at the Capital Markets Board of Türkiye (“CMB”). Furthermore, he has served as a Specialist Lawyer, Auditor, Deputy Head of an Audit Department, and Head of a Legal Affairs Department. He has expertise in IPOs and competition investigations and provides training on these matters.

Dr. Tiryaki represented the CMB in the Audit Commission of the IOSCO (International Organization of Securities Commissions) for four years. Within the scope of his audit at the CMB, he conducted legal and financial audits of collective investment institutions such as publicly traded companies, brokerage houses, banks, stock exchanges, mutual funds, etc. Also, within the scope of his duty as the Head of the Legal Department, he was actively involved in the filing and follow-up of administrative, criminal and civil lawsuits, as well as the imposing and lifting of provisional injunction/precautionary assessment. Dr. Tiryaki actively participated in the drafting of the amendments to the Capital Markets Law. He also holds a Capital Market Activities Level 3 Licence, a Derivative Instruments Licence, a Real Estate Appraisal Licence, a Credit Rating Licence and a Corporate Governance Rating Licence.

In 2019, Dr. Tiryaki was appointed as Vice President of the Competition Authority, where he was responsible for the Audit and Enforcement Departments numbered 4-5-6, the Decisions Department and the Economic Analysis Department. In addition, the Cartel and On-Site Investigation Unit directly reported to him. During his tenure, he organised and managed on-site investigations conducted by the Competition Authority.

Dr. Tiryaki also actively participated in drafting the amendments to the Competition Law. Dr. Tiryaki holds a Ph.D. in movable and immovable pledges and a Master’s in consumer loans from Ankara University Faculty of Law in 2014.