Information on the Regulation on the Certification of Simple Accommodation Facilities and Beach Establishments

A new regulation on the Certification of Simple accommodation facilities and beach, establishments was published.
As known, on July 28, 2021 significant changes were made in the Tourism Incentive Law and it was foreseen that simple accommodation facilities and beach establishments could not be operated without a tourism operation certificate.

In this context a new regulation (“Regulation”) on the Certification of Simple accommodation facilities and beach establishments was published by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in the Official Gazette dated September 25, 2021 and numbered 31609.

In the published Regulation, the procedures and principles regarding the issuance of certificates to simple accommodation facilities and beach establishments, the determination of the physical conditions and operating principles that the beach establishments have to comply with, the promotion, information and approval of the price tariffs to be applied, and the inspection of the facilities are specified.

Application and issuance of Certificates
In accordance with Article 6 of the Regulation, the certificate includes information such as the name of the facility, address, name or title of the certificate holder, capacity, date and the certificate number starting with the license plate code of the province where the facility is located.

Certificate applications can be made by hand or by mail. In addition, electronic applications are accepted if the necessary technical infrastructure is established. The application authority is the culture and tourism directorates of the province where the establishments are located and certain information & documents required in the certificate application are listed in Article 7.

Beach establishments that are found to have deficiencies in meeting the qualifications of their type will be given 30 days to correct the deficiencies. During this period, establishments that have corrected their deficiencies will be certified. Establishments that cannot make up for their deficiencies will not be able to operate, and the workplace opening and operation license of these businesses will be canceled within one month by the authorized administration.

Upon the application, a certification is issued by the approval of the Governor's Office for the establishments that are deemed appropriate. After the certification is issued, one of the copy sent to the Ministry and the authorized administration that issued the business and working license. The same process is applied in case of changes in the certificate or cancellation of it.

Minimum qualifications for beach establishments
In accordance with Article 8 of the Regulation, some minimum qualifications have been sought in beach establishments as follows:
a) Administrative unit
b) Changing rooms and showers for customers and separate toilets for male and female customers.
c) Area or buffet service where simple food&beverage service is provided.
ç) Personnel attire suitable for their jobs and duties.
d) At least two lifeguards with silver certificates, lifeguard watchtowers.
e) Materials such as clean canopies, mattresses, sunbeds that are offered to the customer and regularly maintained.
f) Demarcation of the safe swimming area with buoys.
g) First aid supplies.
h) Sufficient number of garbage cans in the beach area.
i) Continuous cleaning and maintenance of the beach area.

In addition, the star, or any other symbols may evoke the star shall not be used in the promotion of accommodation facilities. The price tariffs to be applied by the facilities will be approved by the provincial directorate.

The inspection of beach establishments and simple accommodation facilities will be carried out by the personnel of the provincial directorate to be authorized by the governorship, and in case of insufficient personnel, other personnel to be charged by the governorship.

In accordance with the Regulation, the certification of simple accommodation facilities and beach establishments has been made mandatory, and some minimum qualifications have been sought in terms of certification in order to control the tourism sector from a single-source and to eliminate the risks that negatively affect the sector.