Important Changes Have Been Made in the Notary Law No. 1512!

New provisions have been added to the Notary Law No. 1512. Thus, the notary publics were given the authority to make preliminary sales contracts and to annotate the sales promise agreements to the title deed.
With the Law No. 7413 Amending the Law on Judges and Prosecutors and Some Laws published in the Official Gazette dated 28 June 2022 and numbered 31880, new provisions were added to the Notary Public Law No. 1512.

Thus, notary publics have been granted the authority to conclude a contract of sale of real estate and annotate the promise of sale of real estate to the title deed as of 01.01.2023.

1. Notary publics are authorized to make real estate sales contracts.

Article 61/A has been added to the Notary Law No. 1512, and in accordance with this article, the notary publics are authorized to conclude real estate sales contracts.

However, if the right holder cannot be determined from the land registry copy and other documents, or if there is a legal situation preventing the sale, the notary public shall not carry out the sale process.

Only title deed fee shall be charged for real estate sales contracts, real estate sales contracts are exempt from stamp tax and papers issued regarding these transactions shall be exempt from valuable paper costs. The parties shall also pay a notary fee. Notary fee shall be between TRY 500 and TRY 4.000 depending on the value of the real estate.

2. Notary publics are authorized to annotate the real estate promise sale contract to the land registry.

Notary publics are now authorized to annotate the real estate sales promise contracts in the land registry through the land registry information system if one of the parties demands the annotation and pays the fees and expenses.

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