Dispute Resolution

Our firm has a very strong and experienced Dispute Resolution Team representing sovereign states (Georgia and Libya), and corporations from different industries (IT, hospitality, construction, defense, manufacturing, banking, finance, etc.).
The team provides clients with a wide range of litigation, arbitration and mediation services. The members of our diverse team are recognized for their considerable experience, solution-oriented and strategic approach, as well as creativity. We pride ourselves on our capability to tailor our strategy to match the client’s objectives.

With our unique network of 140+ strategic business partners (law offices) across Turkey, we are also able to mobilize wherever and whenever needed, and to provide clients a timely and cost-effective dispute resolution service.

Litigation has been a cornerstone of our practice since the firm’s inception. By the end of 2021, the firm has handled hundreds of lawsuits. Our sophisticated clients including sovereign states, manufacturers, transportation companies, importers or exporters, pre-eminent hotels, malls, leading banks (İş Bank, BBVA, Odeabank), and investors of biggest infrastructure projects entrust us with their intricate disputes considering our remarkable track record of success.

Our litigation team regularly handles complex commercial litigation, contractual and project-related disputes, tax disputes, unfair competition, trademark infringement, defective products and product liability claims, real estate and lease disputes, labor disputes, mass consumer litigation and creditors’ rights and bankruptcy proceedings.

Complex Commercial Litigation
Dündar Sır Law Firm regularly handles complex commercial litigation matters, offers clients exceptional experience and service in different industries, and helps clients successfully resolve their high-risks commercial disputes while combining business grasp with unique litigation strategies.

We represent clients in a range of complex commercial disputes including:
  • Business torts,
  • Contractual disputes,
  • Project-related disputes,
  • Unfair competition disputes,
  • Shareholders’ disputes.

The below is our recent complex commercial litigation clients:
  • La Lorraine: Representing a Belgium-based world-renowned bakery company in a significant dispute,
  • Acar Holding: Representing a Turkish company in a shareholders’ dispute,
  • Diotech: representing a Korean company in a contractual dispute,
  • Greenlog Logistics: representing the Client in several disputes arising out of inter & multimodal transportations.

IP Litigation
Dündar Sır Law Firm helps clients protect their intellectual property rights by prosecuting and defending claims of infringement of patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and ideas.

The law firm currently represents its clients in trademark, patent, counterfeiting, trade dress, false advertising, copyright, and unfair competition litigations. Our recent IP clients are as follows:
  • GOQ: Representing a lightening manufacturer from Korea in a counterfeiting, trade dress lawsuit,
  • Mumoso Korea: Advising a Korean fashion and lifestyle goods retailer, on a significant counterfeiting dispute,
  • Granitaş: Advising a sector-leading Turkish all-natural stones manufacturer company, on a patent dispute arising out of a purchase of a producing machine,
  • Yalıkavak Marina: Advising a super yacht marina in Bodrum, on trademark infringements related to its previous trademark.

Product Liability
Dündar Sır Law Firm is known for its personalized approach to products liability litigation, aiming to attain an intimate knowledge of its clients’ product lines as well as its clients’ business goals. We focus not only on resolving the case at hand, but also on minimizing our clients’ risks of future exposure.

The firm represents foreign clients being exposed to pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages due to exported or imported defective products.

The below is our recent defective products & product liability experiences:
  • Representing a Korean mining and trade company, JBG, in a defective product and product liability dispute.
  • Represented a famous pacemaker manufacturer in a significant product liability dispute,
  • Representing a leading Turkish industrial engineering company, HKTM, against defective product allegations,
  • Representing a Turkish construction company, Artnivo E&C, against defective product allegations.

Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy Litigation
Creditors’ rights and bankruptcy litigation is another area of our expertise.

Dündar Sır represents creditors and banks including İsbank, the biggest privately owned deposit bank in Turkey, and Eurasia Tunnel, a major toll-road operating company, across the full spectrum of bankruptcy and contested matters including lawsuits regarding action for annulment of objections and debt collection.

We are also representing our clients in a number of significant bankruptcy and receivables proceeding in order to collect considerable sum of money.

Tax Litigation
The firm advises domestic and international companies and individuals with regards to taxation aspects of legal transactions, tax obligations of individuals and companies, tax disputes, and tax restructuring.

In order to ensure to provide the most efficient tax litigation services, our law firm is also in constant and frequent contact and cooperation with the local and international accounting firms, certified financial advisors and tax scholars.
  • We have successfully represented BYK Hotels, part of a prominent chain-hotel group, Hyatt.
  • We have successfully represented our several clients in lawsuits related to annulment of the special irregularity penalty.

Dündar Sır Law Firm has developed a very successful arbitration practice and is by far a leader in arbitral award recognition and enforcement in Turkey.

Our team has handled commercial, construction and investment arbitrations in world’s most preferred arbitration venues including ICC, UNCITRAL, ICSID, ad hoc and ISTAC (İstanbul Arbitration Center).

Our arbitration clients include sovereign States and foreign entities and government contractors from different industries including construction, engineering, and energy.

State Representation
  • Republic of Georgia: Representing the state in a compensation lawsuit concerning a hydro-power-plant project,
  • State of Libya: Representing the state in an enforcement of an ICC tribunal award,
  • Representing a Turkish investor in an enforcement of an UNCITRAL tribunal award.

Private Company Representation
  • Al Zamil Industry: Representing a Saudi investment company in an ICC arbitration.
  • Artnivo E&C: Representing a Turkish construction company in a contractual dispute before İstanbul Chamber of Commerce Arbitration and Mediation Center.
  • Mayfair Foods: Representing a UK-based importer and exporter of dried-food in a commercial ad hoc arbitration.

Mediation before an impartial and experienced mediator who is knowledgeable regarding the subject matter of the dispute has become the most common ADR method used in recent years since a timely dispute resolution is essential in this era of speed.

Our mediation service includes the resolution of employment disputes and commercial disputes. In recent years, Selim Dündar, as a certified mediator has achieved exceptional results in the disputes involving labor and employment litigation, shareholder disagreements, contractual disputes, and lease agreements.