Corporate Governance

Nowadays, corporate governance is vital for every corporation to provide a long-lasting presence in the relevant industry.
Besides, strategies for managing corporate governance risk, complying with legal requirements, communicating with shareholders, and preparing for known uncertainties evolve constantly. Thus, every company needs legal counsels who know its industry and the company, grasp the issues swiftly, and to figure out how to chart a course of action and guide the company to a successful outcome.

In this regard, Dündar Sır Law Firm provides a wide range of legal services to domestic and foreign companies and offers its clients tailor-made solutions to achieve their commercial goals.

Our law firm mainly assists its foreign clients who are willing to expand its business into Turkey’s territory in incorporating companies, branch offices and liaison offices in Turkey.

On top of that, our team provides its clients with opinions regarding the appropriate legal structure for their business goals, handles proceedings of board of directors and general assembly meetings, and assesses situations related to financial and tax-related issues.

Our legal services in corporate governance encompass the following matters:
  • Appointment of Managers,
  • Arrangement of relations among shareholders,
  • Capital Increases/Decreases,
  • Conducting general assembly and Board of Directors’ Meetings,
  • Drafting, negotiating and revising Investment Agreements,
  • Due diligence,
  • Employment structuring,
  • Incorporation of companies, branches, liaison offices,
  • Liquidation of company,
  • Share transfers.