Tax, Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice

In the complex world of tax, our role is simple: to solve complicated tax issues for a full spectrum of our clients and create innovative structures.
While tax issues are often complex, Dündar Sır Law Firm develops practical, commercial solutions for clients across a range of industries. We advise domestic and international companies and individuals with regards to below matters:
  • Consultancy on taxation advantages of companies,
  • Direct and indirect taxes,
  • Double taxation treaties,
  • Obtainment of tax ID numbers,
  • Tax compliance,
  • Tax compromise and restructuring,
  • Tax disputes and representation before tax courts,
  • Tax obligations of individuals and companies,
  • Taxation aspects of legal transactions,
  • Taxation aspects of corporate functioning.

Dündar Sır Law Firm is well known for its expertise in complex tax disputes. We provide our clients with litigation services before tax courts against imposed high taxes and tax penalties. Recently, we have successfully represented one of prominent and luxury hotels in Istanbul, Hyatt Centric Levent Istanbul, in an important tax dispute and have a very high amount of property tax annulled.

In order to ensure to provide the most efficient legal services, our firm is also in constant and frequent contact and cooperation with the local and international accounting firms, certified financial advisors and tax scholars.

Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice
Administrative actions and regulations have a great effect on the business operations of companies and are crucial in corporate strategic planning. Working with experienced lawyers in the fields of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice is vital for the prominent companies, institutions and organizations.

In addition, regulatory and enforcement actions by government agencies can charge huge costs on companies. In such a situation, a company's resilience is lost and even the entire industry may be in danger. Therefore, to avoid these dangers, full knowledge of the regulations in force is not sufficient, besides it is necessary to have the ability to observe changes in regulatory administrative policies and participate effectively in the law-making process.

Dündar Sır Law Firm has depth experience in handling the complexities of administrative regimes to get the best possible result in a cost-efficient manner.
  • We are providing below consultancy and litigation services: related to administrative fines, cancellation of administrative actions and claims arising from the damages caused by the administration organs.
  • Action of objection against administrative actions and decisions,
  • Open a lawsuit against administrative decisions,
  • Open a full remedy action against the damages derived from administrative actions,
  • Expropriation disputes,
  • Reconciliation procedures.

Our recent representations include the followings:
  • Carrying out application and negotiation processes to the administration in an important adequate pay,
  • Applying to administrative authorities and conducting negotiations in disputes regarding expropriation,
  • Actions to annul administrative decisions taken by different administrative institutions,
  • Filing a lawsuit for the annulment of the administrative fine.