Media & Entertainment

Today, with the widespread use of the internet, the media and entertainment has started to take more place in our lives.
Regarding the media and entertainment sector, which has made a rapid development with the entry of foreign investors into the media sector in Turkey, our law firm offers clients the following services:
  • Legal consultancy and litigation services on commercial law, tax, intellectual property, trademark, copyright, competition, advertising law, licensing, reputation and image protection, regulatory compliance, Managing the content removal application and content removal process for the content requested to be removed,
  • Resolution of disputes related to RTÜK and objections to given penalties,
  • Management of legal processes with administrative authorities,
  • Pecuniary and moral compensation lawsuits that can be filed against media organizations
  • Series and movie contracts,
  • Advertising contracts,
  • Acting contracts,
  • Management contracts
  • Event contracts.

Our recent involvements in media and entertainment are as below:
  • Assisting Actors Union of Turkey, on day-to-day questions and employment disputes.
  • Assisting Yoyo Movie Production, LLC in negotiating, drafting and finalizing of contracts relating to freelancers and producers
  • Advising a Russian entrainment group to organize a Music Festival in Bodrum,
  • Drafting the acting, advertising and event contracts for the festival to be held in Yalıkavak Marina,