IT & Communications

As a result of remarkable developments in information and communication technologies, new opportunities and challenges have arisen for businesses as well as the need for legal advice specific to this field.
Dündar Sır’s lawyers work closely with both famous technology companies and start-ups in their large-scale projects and day-to-day businesses. Our lawyers assist clients in the development, commercialization, licensing of technology, data and intellectual property.

Our services in IT and communication includes the following:
  • Compliance with protection of personal data and data security legislation,
  • Drafting project and investment agreements within the IT and communication technologies’ sector,
  • Consultancy and compliance services in E-commerce,
  • Technology and software licensing.
  • Online payment services,
  • Drafting employment agreements and sponsorship agreements for E-sport teams and E-sport players,
  • Consultancy services for start-ups to structure a business model in accordance with the relevant legislation.
  • Denial of access decision,

Our recent IT representations include:
  • Turksat 6A Satellite Project developed and produced indigenously by a joint-venture,
  • 5G Radio-Link Project part of 5G broadband cellular network project of leading cellular phone company Turkcell,
  • SnI a leading Turkish technology company focusing on Tax Compliance and Regulatory Reporting software in its tens of software license agreements,
  • Mudi, a new fintech service and solution software to Turkish banking and capital markets industries,
  • Onlab, a technology company producing power electronics and motor control systems, in a government-supported project as a subcontractor.