Inheritance Law

By their nature, inheritance-law-related matters and disputes often occur at tough times, and therefore may become very complicated. To that extent, seeking expert legal advice at an early stage to help resolve these matters can be crucial and can potentially avoid long-lasting litigation and costly court proceedings.
As Dündar Sır Law Firm, we have extensive experience and knowledge in legal processes with regards to inheritance law. The firm handles every step regarding the receipt of the inheritance by working with the officials and heirs in a harmony to minimize complications and provide practical advice in a cost effective and efficient way.

Our committed and dedicated lawyers advise and represent our domestic and foreign clients regarding all inheritance-related matters including below matters.
  • Action for elimination of joint ownership,
  • Application of Certificate of Inheritance,
  • Carrying out negotiations among legal inheritors,
  • Contesting an invalid will,
  • Disclaimer of inheritance,
  • Inheritance equalization,
  • Inheritance tax,
  • Estate determination,
  • Partition of heritage,
  • Preparation of will,
  • Retention of the official book,
  • Probate of testaments.

We have recently handled many inheritance transactions/disputes as below:
  • Opening a will before a Turkish court,
  • Selling an inherited immovable,
  • Transferring a tourism company shares to the inheritors,
  • Handling a very complex inheritance dispute including disclaimer of inheritance, retention of the official books, negotiations among inheritors,
  • Transferring the money in the deceased’s bank accounts to the inheritors.