The e-commerce sector, which is simply defined as the purchase and sale of goods or services over the Internet, has developed quite rapidly in recent years, especially after Covid-19.
This extraordinary and rapid development in the field of e-commerce pushes the legislators to make more detailed regulations on this issue as soon as possible. Therefore, every business selling a product or providing a service on the internet should take a proactive approach to follow the legislation regarding the e-commerce.

In this regard, Dündar Sır Law Firm’s service in the e-commerce industry covers:
  • Advising clients on how to structure their business model in line with the legislation,
  • Drafting distant sales agreement, privacy policies and other documentation required to conduct e-commerce activities,
  • Handling IP-related issues including software licensing and trademark registration (and extension) applications,
  • Issuing unauthorized commercial electronic message complaints, and answering the same on behalf of the senders,
  • Keeping our clients up-to-date regarding legislative amendments related to the industry,
  • Providing compliance services with the e-commerce and personal data protection legislation,
  • Registering service providers and intermediary service providers in the E-Commerce Information System.

Our clients in the e-commerce industry include small and medium-sized promising goods and service providers, and online shopping platforms.

Our recent e-commerce representations include:
  • KVKK optimization project of a major e-commerce company,
  • Advising a Turkish marketplace on contract preparation and day-to-day questions,
  • Advising an e-commerce company on disputes between shareholders.
  • Preparation of documentation for a new start-up company to be served in e-commerce.