Citizenship & Immigration

States often burden complex legal procedures and a lot of paperwork in areas where its sovereignty is most visibly felt: citizenship and immigration. Therefore, it is vital to work with competent professionals in these areas that would directly affect people's lives.
Dündar Sır Law Firm assists its clients in all matters related to immigration, residency, and citizenship procedures with its long years of experience and professional approach to minimize the difficulties. We understand the specific and critical needs of each one of our foreign clients and advise in accordance with the related legislation with regards to the citizenship and immigration law.

Our practice in this field covers the application of residence permit and working permit, extension of residence permit and working permit, carrying out administrational and legal proceedings in case of the cancellation of the residence permit or working permit, as well as acquisition of Turkish citizenship by investment.

Acquisition of Turkish citizenship by investment:
Recently, Turkey has lowered the investments’ financial criteria for foreigners willing to become Turkish citizen. Accordingly, a big number of investors from different parts of the world have started to invest in Turkey in order to take advantage of this opportunity and to acquire Turkish citizenship.
Foreign investors may choose one of the following options to acquire Turkish citizenship:
  • To purchase a real estate in Turkey for at least USD 250.000, and commit not to sell it for 3 years,
  • To deposit at least USD 500.000 at banks operating in Turkey, and commit not to withdraw it for 3 years,
  • To purchase real estate investment fund participation share or venture capital investment fund participation share for at least USD 500.000, and commit to hold it for 3 years,
  • To make at least USD 500.000 fixed capital investment,
  • To employ at least 50 employees.
According to the recent numbers, 17.968 people from 122 different countries have acquired immovable from 48 different provinces and become Turkish citizens by making a minimum amount of property investment for USD 250.000.

The process of acquiring Turkish citizenship by investment simply consists of 3 stages: making an investment, obtaining a residence permit, and filing citizenship application. Our law firm provides following services during these stages:
  • Legal consultancy for each kind of investment explained above,
  • Bank account opening,
  • Real estate evaluation,
  • Real estate sales,
  • Residence permit application,
  • Drafting required documentation and following-up the process.