Artificial Intelligence and Automated Systems

In recent years, artificial intelligence and automation systems technologies are growing at an exponential rate.
The growing use of these technologies in all aspects of our life presents a wide variety of legal challenges in an evolving regulatory landscape, not only for those who may be developing products but also for anyone who may use such technologies as part of their business.

Dündar Sır Law Firm brings together the talents and experience of lawyers, collectively possessing a diverse array of technical and legal expertise and skills, and is well-positioned to assist clients in identifying, addressing, and responding to these challenges.

Our recent AI and AS representations include:
  • Advising ENOSAD, an association of automation industry on association legislation, and compliance.
  • HKTM: A leading Turkish industrial engineering firm providing automation and robotic solutions in hydraulics and pneumatics.
  • Advising a Turkish automotive seats and parts manufacturer and exporter on partnership, purchase, factory construction agreements.
  • Preparation of a Partnership Agreement between Aldoor and ISBAK for rail transport, traffic, signaling and systems engineering.